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The new GLB

Open for what's next.

Distinctive SUV design
Generous spaciousness
glb 2.jpeg
Progressive Line
GLB - progressive.jpeg
The Progressive design and equipment line substantially enhances your car. Added value you can see and feel. Enjoy high-quality technology and experience the unique, expressive SUV lifestyle. In addition, the line opens up further attractive combinations both inside and out - for example with the Leather package and Night package.
GLB - multi beam.jpeg
For your perfect vision: the adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlamps employ individually controllable LEDs to react to the given traffic situation. Partial main beam omits other road users without dazzling them. And the cornering and active light functions illuminate the field of vision optimally so that you can detect dangers sooner.
LINGUATRONIC voice control system
Artificial Intelligence
Touchpad and touch control
Head-up display
Wireless charging
Smartphone integration
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