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The new EQS SUV from Mercedes-EQ

This is for pioneers.

eqs suv 1.jpeg

Typical Mercedes EQ: the elegant, dynamic silhouette.

eqs suv 2.jpeg

Tail lights in the shape of a curved 3D helix.

eqs suv 3.jpeg

Exclusive trim elements, such as open-pore wood with Mercedes-Benz pattern in aluminium.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 16.49.27.png
MBUX Augmented Reality Head-up Display

Virtual and real worlds become one: vehicle, navigation and traffic information are graphically displayed in your field of vision without distracting you. For example, large direction arrows float above a junction where you need to make a turn. This will help you reach your destination with confidence, even in complex traffic situations.

Zero-layer user interface

As soon as you start the new EQS SUV, not just any information appears on the display - but exactly the information you usually call up. The system learns based on your decisions and puts together a customised user interface.

MBUX hyperscreen

The fascinating MBUX Hyperscreen extends across the entire width of the interior. An LCD driver's display, a centre media display and a front-passenger display in state-of-the-art OLED technology are located behind elegant safety glass.


Thanks to adaptive software, the occupants of the new EQS SUV experience a highly individualised user experience. Many infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions adapt optimally to the habits and preferences of the user, if this is desired.

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