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The new EQB

This is for a new dimensions.

eqb 1.jpeg

Easy and convenient charging - at home and on the road.

eqb 2.jpeg

Intelligent assistant on board: the MBUX multimedia system.

eqb 3.jpeg

A true space miracle with up to seven seats and flexible load space.

eqb 4.jpeg
Comfortable and safe on the road.

Comfort is a top priority in the EQB: thanks to the functional and flexible space concept with up to seven seats or up to 1,710 litres of load space, the EQB offers room for various transport needs.
Safer on the road: The anticipatory and intelligent driving assistance systems of the EQB keep an eye on the traffic situation and can warn the driver of dangers depending on the situation. This is to effectively protect passengers and other road users. So that you reach your destination relaxed and safe.

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